A focus on tori paitan (ramen with a creamy chicken broth) makes this import from a New York–based restaurant group a welcome addition to Austin’s burgeoning noodle scene. Order this to go: The tori paitan is infused with pure poultry flavor, and the minimal toppings—a few slivers of chicken breast, half an ajitama egg, a handful of arugula, and a sprinkle of red onion to cut through the broth’s richness—complement the chew of the noodles. The mayu ramen includes pork bones along with the chicken in the paitan stock, and savory black garlic oil (mayu) adds complexity; the pork chashu slices were not the most decadent we’ve had in town, but the rest of the components—menma bamboo shoots, red cabbage, green onion—added up to one of the most stellar ramen bowls we’ve slurped. Through a partnership with local dumpling purveyors Steamies, who have a storefront next door, meaty and vegan dumplings are on the menu too. Pro tip: Don’t hesitate to get these noodles delivered—they definitely stand up—but do know that the red cabbage in the mayu option may turn them purple.

Note: Review reflects COVID-19 protocols in place at the time of visit.