Once the New York Times got hold of the brisket taco and named it one of the country’s best at the end of 2023, the lines out the door on Saturday grew even longer. But even if a thick, juicy cut of house-smoked meat is not your kind of taco filling, there are plenty of other dishes to sample. Breakfast tacos and brunch specialties last  until 2 p.m., with such standards as cheesy enchiladas, pork chop tacos, carne guisada, fideo loco (skinny pasta in tomato broth with pinto beans and taco meat), home-style salsas (the red sauce is fire), and all the goodies a family-run restaurant on San Antonio’s near West Side can dish up. With its 61-year-history, this is as authentic a Tex-Mex cafe you will find. A modest dining room with requisite booths plus experienced servers—what more is needed? P.S. Those long lines move pretty fast, so don’t be deterred.