2009: Pass through the glass door and you’ll hear a hum of activity as you walk toward the large glass cases that display the plethora of smoked meats available. Behind the counter to take your order will most likely be Richard Lopez, the third generation owner. I ordered a plate of sliced brisket, spare ribs, and sausage. A crispy, almost candy crust coated the brisket. The texture was as if the meat had dried out, but these slices were perfectly moist and tender with rendered fat. The crust’s flavor was also smoky, as was each slice from top to bottom. The ribs were equally as good, if not as complex. There was little rub, but the wonderfully smoky flavor ran through the moist and tender meat. The sausage was run-down-your-chin juicy (fatty), with lingering heat not reminiscent of anything else in the area. The meat had a fine grind, and the casings had good snap.