Chef Blaine Staniford’s passion for reinventing menus never fails to impress in this ode to refined dining. In a room that feels sleekly mid-century modern, we dive into a new vegetarian tasting menu that satisfies even the carnivore at our table. Squash carpaccio, dusted with crunchy puffed grains, dabbed with house-made ricotta, and drizzled with pecan vinegar, hits all the texture points with aplomb. Eggplant tortellini picks up sweet notes from cherry tomato confit and roasty elements from smoked ricotta, with salty and tangy hints from capers and basil. Pork belly croquettes, laced with tomato aioli, get sweet and sour notes from a pepper medley. A most clever dessert finds a paper-thin cannoli stuffed with Bavarian cream and draped in balsamic-macerated strawberries, with silken strawberry gelato alongside.