With a touch of traveling show vibe and a sound track that mixes Southern rock with crooner ballads, this first foray outside of its Dallas home base finds Ida Claire with an admirable number of hungry patrons. Even with opening-week jitters, the plates were a delight. To start, fried green tomatoes came battered in a near tempura lightness, beautifully spiced with peppers, fresh herb aioli, and Parmesan (not exactly Mama’s recipe but probably better). Beautifully cooked steelhead trout had a corn cream sauce standing in for tartar that added a little sweetness and, served alongside a smoky bacon-and-corn succotash, just went South all the way. Holding its own on the casual side of the menu, a big, fat, absolutely sloppy Sloppy Joe, slathered with sweet, hot barbecue sauce, was given texture with the thinnest and crispest onion rings imaginable. Seating and space range from plate-decked nooks to large communal counter-height tables and an outside patio with all the charm of the original Cementville offices.