We were sad to see the Seoul House sign come down when Ms. Grace finally decided to hang up her apron. She had taught us all about authentic Korean fare and we had enjoyed many a meal at her simple, unpretentious cafe. However, we were delighted when a new sign appeared announcing Kim’s Kitchen, and even more pleased when the space underwent a complete remodel. On our first visit, we peeked into the modernized kitchen and recognized some of the former cooks lovingly preparing, by hand, the same classic Korean dishes we remembered, including the traditional covey of condiments known as banchan, tart kimchi, gamjajeon potato pancake, and cucumber salad. We tried the bibimbap rice bowl served in a stone pot, stirring in the house-made spicy gouchujang sauce (think Sriracha with deeper and sweeter flavor), as well as beef, chicken, and vegetables, accompanied by the finishing touch, an egg sizzling in the hot bowl.