This restaurant has finally opened, after taunting the neighborhood for months, and if you are inclined to seek out the latest in cleverly named craft cocktails, you will be pleased. It was a sports bar in a previous life and has the backing and experience of the owners of two local favorites, West Table and Dirk’s. The entrées are standard offerings of somewhat elevated American fare and ample in size. On our stop-in, the Campfire Margarita provided smokiness sufficient to honor the name, and both the chicken tenders and the hot beef sandwich were adequate. The things that we want to give an unqualified shout-out to, though, are the fries and the dipping sauces provided. They uphold the bar feel and do not disappoint. One warning (or maybe it’s a recommendation): The crowd is young, lively, and the room can be terribly noisy. A table of boomers attempting a birthday party finally gave up and had their food packed up to go.