Cuban dishes, Mexican dishes, and a little fusion in between make this new restaurant a delight. Unlike some just-opened restaurants, Paladar, tucked in the rear of the complex near Avenue B, had everything under control—good service, beautiful plating, and a menu full of surprises. For one example: tuna salvaje, small morsels of seared tuna in a red ponzu sauce, served on bright, very thin rounds of yellow mango. For another equally tasty example: a flight of soups in tiny bowls (our favorite was the crema de chayote). The fusion flair is evident in dishes such as the torta de pierna, with a piled-high portion of tender shredded pork in a bright red chile ancho salsa boosted by melted Oaxacan cheese and avocado. Also served on the same wonderful, slightly sweet telera bread is the house-named sandwich Paladar, with its combo of sliced ham and marinated piglet. Translated as “palate,” the term is common slang in Cuba for any restaurant or cafe, which if you think about it, makes a lots of sense. Notable, too, are the yuca fries (at other restaurants they often pass as fibrous tooth brushes; here they are tender and delicious).