This cozy brick-walled eatery is focused on the cuisines of Oaxaca, with a curated and growing menu that informs and inspires with offerings little seen on the border. Herein you’ll find lots of traditional chicken dishes, including tesmole, a stew with ample thighs and drumsticks spiced with achiote and chiles. The deeply comforting chicken in mole is a textbook rendition lustily kissed with cinnamon, chocolate, and chile (and likely other secret spices). Pollo en salsa verde is vibrant with tomatillo and bracketed with white rice and epazote-spiked black beans. Tlayudas are a crunchy variation on the tostada, with the chips layered with black beans, comino-steeped chicken, avocado, and a vibrant house salsa that tender taste buds may want to approach with caution. Hand-size gorditas—stuffed with your choice of seasonal huitlacoche, black beans and queso blanco, chicharrones, or picadillo—are among the best in the city and a great to-go item. Dessert brings deceptively simple but indulgent strawberries and cream, perfect to beat back the summer’s heat.