After surveying the dining room, you have to wonder: Did the designers buy out a chandelier shop? The sparkly light fixtures are everywhere in every conceivable style, adding an undeniable note of glamour to an eclectic space tricked out with mirrors, floor-to-ceiling windows, art, and, that inevitable touch of modernity, AC ductwork. The menu is equally eclectic and spans many cuisines. One of our twosome concentrated on seafood, starting with mussels and leeks in a sweet green curry—though the shellfish were on the small side, they were so numerous that they overflowed the bowl; plenty of crisp crostini allowed us to soak up and enjoy the fine coconut-milk-touched broth. We followed with another appetizer, tender slices of raw tuna encrusted with sesame seeds and seasoned with yuzu. Meanwhile, our companion wolfed down an order of beef empanadas featuring fontina cheese, onions, garlic, jalapeño mayo, olives, raisins, and cilantro, a plethora of ingredients and flavors that somehow worked. Still going strong, he turned to the keto section of the menu (there’s also a paleo section) and finished with goat cheese–stuffed chicken with chile cream sauce sided by charred carrots, broccoli, and a heap of mashed potatoes.