Quiet enough to hear a pin drop, Sunil and Anupama Srivastava’s spot in the polished, multi-use Kirby Collection is ideal for guests who shun loud music and trendy crowds. It’s peaceful to dine leisurely in this space, which features high ceilings, textured tiles, flickering candles, and comfortable banquettes. Expertly prepared tandoori-blistered naan—go for the rosemary and olive oil—is a fine way to start, but good luck resisting the entire basket. Continuing the carb fest, we inhaled lotus root dumplings, cloudlike pillows in a spicy ginger-tomato-yogurt broth. Golden shrimp curry is a crowd pleaser: medium spicy, super creamy, but not too rich. Sadly, its accompanying saffron rice lacked saffron flavor, and a side of cucumber raita was thin and bland. A surprising highlight was the okra with fennel strips and tart mango powder.