Pack your patience—and perhaps a lawn chair and bottled water—if you join the frenzied line around rapper (and Houston favorite son) Bun B’s smashburger sensation, which finally opened mid-June. Once inside, order at the counter (the drive-through is supposed to open soon). On the menu, the OG Burger is made with 44 Farms beef and cooked on high to form crispy, rich edges. The thin patty is then loaded with caramelized onions, pickles, American cheese, and secret Trill sauce on a soft potato roll for a flavor profile that echoes Thousand Island dressing. The vegan version is even sweeter. Expect rap music, video screens, and the occasional Bun B sighting. Trill Burgers has signed a six-month lease and may relocate around December. The eatery is cashless, so come prepared.