Try the smoked version of Windthorst Sausage at Zeke’s, and you’ll find a good reason to remember the small town. Zeke’s smokes Select grade. The fatty side of the brisket still has plenty of juiciness, but Zeke’s also does well with the lean beef from the flat. They take  good care to trim the fat down, so whatever’s left is just the amount I want to eat. The fat provides the moisture that might be missing otherwise, and helps carry the smokiness. It’s no surprise that this brisket makes a remarkably good chopped beef sandwich. Zeke’s only goes through five or six briskets a day, but there’s plenty more on the menu, such as the peppery pork ribs with just enough chew left on them. Dare we say it, they’re even better after a squirt of Zeke’s spicy sauce.