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Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a rut when it comes to planning meals. You’ll throw together a sandwich in a rush to get out the door in the morning, or maybe you’ll use the last tired fourth of that iceberg lettuce to make a salad for a quick meal. It doesn’t have to be that way with these international eats from H-E-B.

H-E-B has curated selections from all across the world to spice up your meal planning, whether for a quick lunch, a fun snack, or a dinner that will make the whole family happy. Every H-E-B product is created To Texas, With Love, and these globetrotting goodies are no exception. These eats are inspired by the food of countries near and far, from international cuisines sure to transport you on a culinary journey across the world, with Texas-sized flavor.

H-E-B Soups of the World

We’ve all been dreaming about soup season weather here in Texas, and now it’s finally here. With H-E-B Soups of the World, you can try recipes from across the globe. Take a trip to Italy with the Tuscan Style Soup with Italian sausage, potatoes, kale, carrots, and onions. Make your way across the Mediterranean and taste the silky-smooth Greek Recipe Lemon Chicken Soup, bright from the lemon, but rich with chicken, tubettini, carrots, and celery. Or try the nice, warming Indian Curry Soup with an organic coconut milk base, with chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, and Indian spices. Bring lunch a little closer to home with H-E-B’s take on the Mexican classic Albondigas Meatball Soup. With all these international eats to choose from, lunch will become an exciting getaway! Even better, these soups are all ready to eat—just heat them up and enjoy. 

H-E-B boxed soups.
Box of Midtown Pizza by H-E-B

Midtown by H-E-B Pizza

Pizza options have really exploded in recent years. It’s commonplace to see regional varieties available from local pizzerias. Midtown by H-E-B Pizzas give you the option to experience the taste of an Italian stone-fired pizza right in your own home. These pizzas start with artisan Italian dough that is stretched by hand and fired in a stone oven. Then it’s topped with authentic ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, creamy mozzarella, and other authentic cheeses. Transport yourself to an Italian pizzeria at home in under 15 minutes.

H-E-B Sushiya Onigiri

Remember when sushi was a sometimes treat? Maybe you even had to drive to the next town over to find your sushi fix. Well, sushi is still a treat, but these days you can find a cornucopia of Japanese-style sushi treats at your local H-E-B. Freshly made in store, this latest onigiri is a great on-the-go snack made from sushi rice pressed into a triangular shape. Try it with spicy raw tuna topped with spicy Japanese shichimi powder. Or try the imitation crab salad, in regular or spicy flavors. You’ll think your tastebuds woke up in Tokyo.

Packages of H-E-B dinner starters.

H-E-B Dinner Starters

Picture this—it’s the end of a long day. The kids are finally back from after-school activities, the dog is walked, the laundry is done, and you are beat. The kids are clamoring for take-out. You don’t want to load up in the car—but you also don’t have the energy to prepare a stir-fry feast. Let H-E-B do the work. These Dinner Starters can be whipped up in just 20 minutes, and the flavors of these international eats are out of this continent. Seasoned Diced Chicken Thighs for Lettuce Wraps make a quick tasty meal the whole family will enjoy. Or make the family think you’re an Iron Chef by whipping up Seasoned Sliced Beef for Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry. Simply add the marinated, tender sliced beef to a skillet, add some broccoli, brown sugar, soy sauce, beef broth, and corn starch, and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time.

H-E-B Deli Filled Ravioli Pasta

If you’ve been dreaming of the renowned pasta dishes of Italy, but can’t make the trip right now, never fear—H-E-B will bring Italy to you! These ravioli are made in the foothills of the Italian Alps with cage-free eggs and filled with ricotta and spinach. They cook on the stovetop in about four minutes, making it possible to enjoy Italian pasta without sweating by the stove all day. Good enough to eat with a little melted butter or olive oil, these ravioli are also great with H-E-B pasta sauces like Alfredo, marinara, pesto, vodka, or new plant-based pesto.

Packages of H-E-B ravioli.
Packages of H-E-B cooking sauces.

H-E-B Cooking Sauces

These cooking sauces are another great way to bring a tasty meal to the table in no time. Not only that, these varieties from around the world will mean dinner is never boring. Simply prepare your choice of protein, add the sauce, and serve over rice or noodles of your choosing. Whether you want to treat the family to the styles of Indian butter chicken, Mexican cilantro-lime, an Asian stir-fry, or homestyle Italian creamy parmesan—it’s all in the travel budget.

H-E-B Italian Gelato Tiramisu

Your culinary cruise need not stop at entrees end—H-E-B has selected several dessert favorites for an indulgent treat at the end of the meal. This authentic Italian gelato is imported from Northern Italy, a distinctive flavor developed and made exclusively for H-E-B. This creamy gelato features swirls of espresso, coffee powder, cocoa powder, and mascarpone cheese for a decadent dessert you won’t soon forget. Even better, it’s vegetarian. You can’t find this tiramisu take on gelato anywhere else—not even in Italy!

H-E-B raspberry macaroons.

H-E-B Bakery Macarons

Everyone loves the H-E-B Bakery, but did you know it’s also a patisserie powerhouse? The delicate crackle of the shell to the creamy buttercream and jam delight of a French-style macaron can now be yours, from a recipe formulated by French-trained pastry chefs. You’ll have to experience this melt-in-your-mouth morsel made from cream, natural extracts, fruit coulis, and nut puree for yourself. We have all the classic flavors like pistachio, raspberry, almond, and dark chocolate, but also look out for innovative flavors like dark chocolate orange, salted butter caramel, and other seasonal limited-edition flavors. Keep an eye out for pumpkin spice this fall.

Cafe Olé by H-E-B

Whether it’s your morning fix or the digestif with dessert, H-E-B has been supplying distinctive, internationally-sourced coffee from Cafe Olé by H-E-B for years. Enjoy this 100% Arabica specialty grade coffee from more than 20 legendary coffee regions including Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and many more. Whether you prefer a dark, medium, or light roast, enjoy this specialty grade coffee in bulk, ground, cold-brew, k-cups, and beyond.

Packages of H-E-B Cafe Ole

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