We’re renewing our customers’ expectations of their electricity provider, one renewable energy plan at a time. In just over two years, we’ve grown into one of the highest-rated, fastest-growing electricity companies in Texas. And earlier this year, we added award-winning to our accolades by taking home the 2022 Retail Energy Provider of the Year Award at the Energy Marketing Conference in Houston.

Courtesy of Rhythm Energy

People Dig Our Energy

While the list is endless, here are some of the main reasons why people are raving about Rhythm.

  • Fair and transparent pricing: New and existing customers get access to the same great, fixed rates.
  • More than 1,500 5-star reviews: We love our customers and love when they love us back.
  • 100% renewable energy plans: We’re committed to clean energy and a brighter Lone Star State.
  • Data-obsessed energy experts: We use technology 24/7 to put you in control of your energy.

We Offer Energy Plans for Everyone, Every Day

Whether you’re looking for something for a few months between moves, a locked-in rate for the next year or for three years, or a solar plan for decades, we’ve got you covered. We offer great rates on great plans that are 100% renewable, meaning you’ll help the Lone Star State Shine.

Courtesy of Rhythm Energy

Four Big Reasons People Are Vibing With Us

  1. You can help Texas shine with our 100% renewable energy plans. Many of which are sourced right here in Texas, we’re helping the Lone Star State shine with our clean-energy plans, ranging from one to 36 months. No matter what you choose, you’ll be contributing to a brighter Texas. And signing up for one takes all of 60 seconds. Click here to get started.
  2. Get a solar quote from Rhythm in minutes. We’re your one-stop-solar shop. From the installers and panels to the batteries to back it up, we’ll help you go solar by getting quotes from installers, optimizing your system size, and determining the right battery storage technology. We could help save you thousands, all for the price of… on the house.
  3. Already have solar panels? We’ve got you covered. Our industry-leading Texas Solar Buyback plans help your wallet and our state shine.
    • Unlimited credit rollover
    • No credit sweep
    • 100% renewable electricity for the contract term
  4. Once you’re a customer, we help you protect your peace of mind. It’s Texas, and anything can happen with the weather. So, we have Rhythm Protection Plans so you can go about your day to day, worry-free. From surge protection to HVAC to plumbing, you can add on protection plans to your electricity plans for dollars a month.
  5. BONUS! Get $100 toward your 100% renewable electricity plan. When you sign up with this link, get $100 in credits you can apply toward your electricity bill.*

 *Terms and conditions apply.