The award-winning Cottonwood Art Festival is returning May 4-5! Immerse yourself in a creative world of artwork and exhibitions. Adventures at Cottonwood include painting, sculptures, ceramics, glass and more so there’s something for everyone. You can even entertain the kids in the children’s area! From live music and bites to one-of-a kind-art and limited-edition pieces, step foot into Cottonwood. From its humble beginnings in 1969, this free festival has turned into the leading art show in North Texas.

But this festival isn’t just about art and creative outlets. Artists converge on Cottonwood for a one-of-a-kind outdoor gallery experience with delicious cuisine and live music for art-lovers to enjoy.

Native South Texas artist Gregory Story has been selected as the featured artist for this year’s Spring Cottonwood Art Festival! Gregory Story attended Texas Christian University to study psychology and then received his agree in ceramics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Story’s current studio, Modern Clay, is in Chicago. His signature smiley sculptures, featured at Cottonwood this year, were created as a welcome back post-COVID but Story has continued adding onto them. This year’s feature being baseball caps in orange, blue, black and red. His favorite part of the collections that Cottonwood attendees have been building for year is this, “What interests me more are the collections that clients have been building over the years, adding new pieces, and expanding their installations gradually. They bring me pictures and we work together. That’s what I really love about this work, the collaboration that develops organically.”

Story’s first Cottonwood Art Festival was in 2007, the first year he started doing art fairs full-time. He recalls being nervous and a little scared but then describes immediately being supported by all the other Cottonwood artists. To this day, he states, “Some of those artists are among my best friends to this day. Now it’s like a reunion of old friends, both artists and collectors.”

Signature work that can be found on his website include his signature smiley’s, unique tiles, wall ball installations and options for customers to choose from to create their own wall ball at home, nutcrackers and intricate tissue boxes and vases. Story’s website features a variety of colorful masterpieces that can be ordered online or purchased directly at Cottonwood this year.  

To meet Gregory Story and see his artwork in-person, Cottonwood will be your one-stop-shop to explore and purchase your very own Gregory Story original for your home.

Courtesy of Cottonwood Art Festival

Fun for the Whole Family!

The Cottonwood Arts Festival is an event for everyone with a variety of Festival food and beverage favorites, two stages of live music and even creative opportunities for kids to explore art. 

On the Courtyard Main Stage, families can lounge on the lawn and enjoy live music by artists including Darrin Kobetich, Russ Hewitt, AC/TC, Two Bit String Band, Brad Thompson Band, Bill Books, Chant Duplantier, Suzy and the Sissies and Animals, Maroon 5 Tribute band. The Acoustic Stage will feature music by Haven Thomas, Duo Darlin, Remy Reilly, Midnight 30, Wyatt Martin and Sam Wood. Meanwhile, kids can take their own creative journey through the ArtStop Children’s Area where they will experience various art styles at hands-on stations like Learn to Weave, Paint like Picasso, Explore Culture and more!  

Cottonwood Art Festival

The Cottonwood Art Festival is fun for the whole family! Whether you’re a painting pro as good as Picasso or just love unique handmade jewelry, this is the fest for you with over 200 of the best local, national, and international artists showcasing their art in the luscious greenery of the beautiful Cottonwood Park in Richardson, TX.  

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