Growing up, my parents had a funny rule about getting dessert from a restaurant: only if we were out of town. This curbed much of the whining you often see kids doing at restaurants when the server comes to clear plates and asks if anyone saved room for you-know-what—we always knew the answer to that question—but a road trip? Going away to see family? Random trips to the next, nearest zip code when the sweet-tooth cravings call? All fair game! Over the years, we became very familiar with main street bakeries two towns over or the key lime pie at the little coffee shop right before Grandma and Grandad’s house. Just the other day, I got a text message from my dad with a picture of him and my mom sharing a slice of cheesecake at one of their “not too far away” spots. I knew exactly where they were. And I know exactly where they need to go next…

To Garland, Texas—just slightly northeast of the hustle and bustle of Dallas—has some of the most underrated sweet-tooth spots ever. Then again, that’s not a surprise for those who know Garland. Nestled next to the magnificent Lake Ray Hubbard and just opposite the big city, Garland excels at cool vibes, pretentious-free living, and places that make you feel like you belong. So many shops, stores, restaurants, and places; as soon as you walk in, you know it’s going to be a place you keep returning to again and again.

Come to Lathem Bakery for lunch or dinner, but definitely stay for the dessert.

Latham Bakery

Latham Bakery is one place you’ll want to keep coming back. This is a sweet lover’s dream, from cakes to sticky buns to tarts, brownies, and cupcakes. My favorite is the super-sized brownies, so big they can satisfy the family (that is if you’re the sharing kind). But they don’t just do dessert; they also serve scrumptious sandwiches, soup plates, and a breakfast menu. They are located at 700 Main Street in Garland.

Piefalootin is not your average or humble pie. From classic favorites to unexpected and innovative combinations. 


We all know that “Pie Guy” (or gal!) who only ever wants pies, turning their nose up at cakes, cobblers, cookies, and even ice cream! Truth be told, I’m a bit of a Pie Guy, and with this place, you can’t go wrong. From dozens and dozens of options—from simple and classic to complicated and crazy—Piefalootin, as they say on their website, serves up some seriously great “not-so-humble pie”! Located at 2441 Goldfinch Ln in Garland.

Scoop N’ Buns is a Filipino-inspired dessert shop offering cool and delicious desserts.

Scoop N’ Buns

With a name like that, you know it must be good…especially when you break it down and discover what it means: scoops of ice cream cozily between warm, pillowy donuts. Now that sounds delicious! With products and ingredients locally sourced from around the area, the Filipino-inspired dessert shop Scoop N’ Buns takes immense pride and care in creating sweet, savory treats. Plus, it’s such an inviting and warm space to hang out with family or friends! Located at 507 W Walnut St. in Garland.

Big Dash offers Middle Eastern-style ice cream & pastries that introduce you to a new world of tasty confections!

Big Dásh

Ice cream that’s…stretchy? I’m in! Desserts at Big Dash derive from Middle East recipes, ice cream, and pastries that are sure to remind many of home or, for the uninitiated, introduce you to a whole “new world of tasty confections,” as the owners say on their website—located at 717 Lingo Dr. Suite 210.

Panaderia is a scrumptious, family-owned Guatemalan bakery

Panderia la Mejor

Guatemalan bakery and café, family-owned for nearly thirty years. Everything is made by hand, from the fresh tortillas and tamales to the sweetbreads and cookies. Come let your taste buds be happy, and check out this scrumptious Guatemalan bakery. It is located at 1725 South First St., Suite B.

Courtesy of Churroland


I’ll say it: you’ll likely never try a tastier churro than one from Churroland. It may sound funny, but people genuinely come from all around to try the churros here—because it’s so much more than a churro. It’s an explosion of sweet, warm crunch—often set amid other sorts of drizzling chocolate dips, fresh cold fruits, and ice creams. Get here early because the line fills up fast, and make sure you purchase plenty of “to-go” for later! Located at 1316 Main St.

There are so many eateries, quaint stores, and community-defined establishments, like Boogie Nights Vintage downtown, that distinguish Garland and have become a motivator to younger audiences in search of uniqueness. We like to say it’s a “best-kept secret” in North Texas. Well, I must be experiencing brain freeze from all the sweet treats I’ve sampled because I’m sharing the secret with you! Come experience Garland for yourself.

Taste the mouthwatering barbeque from Intrinsic. Take home a pie from Piefalootin. Shop at Firewheel Town Center. Make memories on Main Street. Because of all the greatest things in Garland, simply coming to experience it for yourself is truly the icing on the cake.