It’s no secret that we are living in a world where our wildlife is under constant threat from human impact. This prompted Wildlife conservationists, brothers Brian and Chris Gilroy, to devise new ways of preserving and protecting exotic species by creating WildLife Partners, an innovative wildlife conservation company with a business model that marries the desire to do good in the world with economic incentives.

In 2012, I began buying exotic wildlife for myself,” says Brian Gilroy, “I saw the potential tax benefits and soon bought a ranch.” 

“I jumped in with both feet and began amassing industry data and exotic wildlife,” said Gilroy. “From the beginning, I approached exotic wildlife as a business and not a hobby. On my ranch, I soon realized the gains from the power of appreciation in the wildlife’s value and the tax benefits.

WildLife Partners provides one of the newer methods of wildlife preservation by working with private landowners to help play a vital role in preserving nature’s rare gifts, and at the same time, providing a win-win income and investment opportunity for everyone involved. Wildlife Partners shows investors how to profit from wildlife. With their guidance, investors can raise and enjoy exotics on their land and turn it into a profitable and sustainable investment.

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

“When we first started introducing this concept, the majority of landowners in Texas associated exotic animals with canned hunting experiences. They also didn’t understand that from a tax standpoint these animals are the same as cattle. Once we were able to start educating the landowners about the vast benefits of raising exotic animals it really took off. The fact that you can buy exotics and write off that animal 100%, taking 80% in the first year is very appealing. You have your tax deduction on the front end of the purchase of the animal and then these landowners can sell their offspring back to WildLife Partners and have an ongoing, residual income from those animals. The income from selling offspring is taxed as low as 15% as a long-term capital gain. And, if that wasn’t enough, all of the improvements such as roads, barns, tanks, fences, and so on also become tax deductible,” Gilroy added.

Gilroy and his team provide the landowners with the resources needed to get their operations up and running as well. They even have a sister company, WildLife Ranch Solutions, that provides services such as exotic wildlife capture services, ranch consulting, and land management and improvements.

For their conservation minded investors who do not happen to own land, WildLife Partners’ four ranches offer them a chance to participate in this dynamic industry. There is no need to acquire land, hire staff, or build infrastructure. They provide everything needed to make money and have fun, while helping to save species from all over the world. “Our ranches are essentially a VRBO for these investors’ animals,” chuckled Gilroy. “These properties serve as a great example of how successful wildlife conservation can be once a capitalistic motive is employed. Wildlife Partners has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure and has assembled the best staff in the industry.”

In addition to the support from within the financial community, the company has developed meaningful relationships with zoos all over the Unites States. They have created solutions for breeding related challenges within the zoo community and their model seems to be facilitating meaningful change to the industry.

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

“For the leadership team here at WildLife Partners this is so much more than a business, it is a way of life. We have the finest staff, veterinarians and facilities operations managers. When you purchase animals from WildLife Partners you know they have been well cared for,” said Brian.

“Our company offers superior service, expertise, and credibility for anyone interested in breeding exotic wildlife as a method of generating cash flow for their ranching operation. We are the largest breeder and broker of exotic wildlife in the United States. With more than $150,000,000 in transactions since 2016, and 2023 revenues exceeding $50,000,000, there is no company that can serve your exotic wildlife needs better than WildLife Partners.”

The Gilroy brothers’ WildLife Partners operates on the fundamental belief that anyone who owns land should have the opportunity to grow their herds with hard-to-find, rare, and high-quality exotics efficiently and transparently. Through their daily online auction platform,, intricate purchasing processes and hefty paperwork are eliminated, making it easier for aspiring investors to invest in exotic animals. The online platform offers a wide range of species, with new lots being uploaded every day, ensuring that investors always have a fresh variety to choose from.

Wildlife Partners’ online auction platform is incredibly user-friendly, making the whole process of buying exotic animals entirely transparent. Investors can simply visit the company’s website,, and browse the lots available for sale. Investors can place their bids through the online platform, and 24 hours later, the highest bidder is declared as the winner.

Wildlife Partners ensures the safety of the animals purchased through their online auction platform with a 7-day warranty. The company places a lot of emphasis on the health and welfare of their animals, and their team of veterinarians cares for their creatures at each stage of the buying process. Once a bid is won, the team ensures that the animal is captured, transported, and delivered to the customer’s land safely and efficiently. Buyers can rest easy knowing that they’re receiving high-quality, healthy animals, and can get started on growing their herds with confidence.

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

In addition to the daily online auction, WildLife Partners offers two in person live auctions each year. For those who love the thrill of an in-person event, the bi-annual Super Exotic Wildlife Auction will be held on October 14, 2023 in Boerne, Texas.  This auction will feature more than 100 lots of rare exotic wildlife, including zebra, giraffe, bongo, kudu, and over 25 additional species of exotic hoof stock are difficult to find elsewhere.

The Super Exotic Wildlife Auctions are attended by a large audience of ranchers, dealers, and exotic animal enthusiasts from all over the United States. For those who are unable to attend in person, there is also an online bidding option available.

Wildlife Partners is not just about selling animals, the organization is also dedicated to educating people about animals’ importance to the ecosystem. The educational events held by Wildlife Partners are designed to raise awareness about the need to protect and preserve wild animals and their habitats. The organization strongly believes that ranch owners can play an active role in conservation while reaping investment benefits.

If you are a ranch owner or an exotic animal dealer, the Super Exotic Wildlife Auctions organized by WildLife Partners in Texas should be on your radar. Mark your calendars for the next Super Exotic Wildlife Auction in Boerne, Texas on October 14, 2023, and register now on!

You can also call 1-866-377-3000 and visit to inquire about additional exotics and investment opportunities.