Mother Nature is a creative diva. And she was feeling her oats when she made Cochise County, Arizona. Her design resulted in an area with rich colors and a cozy climate. Sunsets flame over the horizon, majestic lavender mountains embrace the region, and national forests undulate in autumn hues of red and gold under vast blue skies. The climate formed by the high mountain ranges provides temperatures that inspire year-round travel. And Cochise County truly tugs at your senses.  

Savor Sierra Vista

Whether hiking, biking, birding, or climbing, enjoy the mountain views that earned Sierra Vista its name. Known as the Hummingbird Capital of the United States, the city hosts hundreds bird species, including 13 hummingbird varieties. The city is also rich with culinary selections, and unexpected international eateries. Your stomach will growl at the cuisine of Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian, German, Asian-fusion, and Thai restaurants. Add rich Mexican dishes and cowboy fare and you have a flavor-packed buffet to make mouthwatering memories. Discover the culinary delights of Sierra Vista this September at the spirited Oktoberfest celebration.

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Behold Bisbee

Once a booming mining town, Bisbee has transformed into a vibrant artist community. Since the 1960s, artists have embraced Bisbee as their haven, and it now has over 10 splendid galleries. Stroll the streets and your eyes will be delighted by creative touches adorning historic homes, colorful murals throughout town, and historic stairways brought to life with imaginative designs. The Heritage Stairs beckon visitors to climb their steps, drawing crowds – especially during the BISBEE 1000 Great Stair Climb in October. With nine staircases and over 1000 total steps across a 4.5-mile course, this event is a sight to see!

Wilcox, Feel the Excitement

Delve into the rich cowboy heritage of Willcox, home to the legendary “Arizona’s Cowboy” Rex Allen and once hailed as the Cowboy Capital of the World. This October, experience the excitement of Rex Allen Days, celebrating the Western roots that run deep in Willcox. Amidst its agricultural endeavors, discover U-Pick orchards, chile and pistachio farms, and vineyards that cultivate 80% of Arizona’s wine grapes. Delight in the Willcox Wine Country Fall Festival (October 21-23, 2023), an exhilarating event showcasing Arizona Wineries with strong ties to the region, alongside local artists, crafts, and music. Recognized by Fodor’s Travel as a Top 10 wine festival in North America, this weekend-long celebration promises unforgettable moments you – and your wine glass – wouldn’t want to miss.

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The Sounds of Douglas

This charming town is brimming with character and culture. Enchanting music and captivating stories await in Douglas. Hear the whispers of history within the famous Hotel Gadsden, adorned with a marble staircase, gold-leaf ceilings, and a stunning 40-foot Tiffany-inspired stained-glass window. Feel the lively rhythm of the Friday Night Food Truck event, filled with delightful flavors under the stars. Don’t miss the Mexican Baseball Fiesta (October 4, 2023) with electrifying Winter League play, live bands, delicious food, and boundless fun! Fall in love with the people of Douglas and their affection for this vibrant border town.

Point-and-click your camera to easily capture some of America’s most breathtaking landscapes, from the captivating “Wonderland of Rocks” in Chiricahua National Monument to the majestic canyons of the Huachuca Mountains and the awe-inspiring vistas from Coronado National Memorial. Nestled in the Dragoons don’t miss stunning Texas Canyon, home of the Amerind Museum. Immerse yourself in this archaeological treasure trove, with exhibitions stretching from the Ice Age to modern times. Wander through galleries showcasing western themes and contemporary Native American art, as you embark on a visual journey that spans the ages.

Indulge your senses in Cochise County’s splendor. Prepare to fill up on fresh air, brilliant stars, and clear blue skies in southeast Arizona. Plan your trip to enjoy Mother Nature’s creative genius at