Many people who are just learning to smoke meat have reservations about taking the leap to a whole brisket. Goodstock’s latest “Good Tips” video delivers tips to help you confidently take on the challenge—no muss, no fuss.

You don’t have to live in Texas to know that brisket is considered the pinnacle of ‘cue in these parts. Virtually every BBQ joint in the state has brisket on the menu, and many Texans judge a pitmaster by how they execute the preparation of this iconic slab of beef.

Part of what makes BBQ brisket so great is what turns off backyard chefs and grill masters from even attempting to cook it: the high expectations, the long cooking time, and the reality that it’s difficult to truly master. But the truth is that smoking a delicious brisket is well within the abilities of anyone who knows how to use their equipment…a little education can go a long way!

In the latest Goodstock “Good Tips” video, Chris breaks down the basics to help you feel confident in taking the brisket leap. If you’ve ever had questions about how big a brisket you should buy, how much fat to trim, or how to season the meat to get a good bark, you’ll find answers here.

Smoking a true Texas brisket is well worth your effort and you’re sure to enjoy the results if you follow these basic principles. If you are looking for the perfect rub to complement your brisket, Goodstock’s new No Fuss BBQ Rub is now available for purchase in-store and online.