Henry’s Puffy Taco

In Texas, we’re blessed with great tacos available all across the state. Still, there are some tacos that you can’t get everywhere. They’re unique to a place. Sometimes they get so popular they spread outside the region they originally come from, but there’s nothing like having a unique dish at the place it was invented.

With our host Jenn D’Spain, we went to the birthplace of puffy tacos—San Antonio. At Henry’s Puffy Taco, we met the Lopez family, who have been making puffy tacos for decades. Like every taqueria, Henry’s has a story. Henry’s is a story of a family keeping a culinary tradition going from generation to generation, united by a love for serving up great food.

Henry’s Puffy Taco has a full menu, but the namesake is by far their best-selling item. Over the years they’ve sold over 17 million of the delicious treats. They take masa and after pressing it like you would any tortilla, instead of cooking it on a comal, they toss it in the fryer. It turns golden and puffs up. With a special, secret tool, they shape it into a taco shape. The result is a crispy, soft, puffy delight, filled with your choice of meat and fillings.

Texas is full of taquerias with unique dishes—and behind them all there are stories. Join us and our friends at Coca-Cola as we travel across the Lone Star State discovering the stories y sabores of Texas.  

Nana’s Taqueria

Texans take their tacos pretty seriously. It’s one of the dishes folks from the border to the Brazos hold dear. As the purveyors of this beloved dish, taquerias bring communities together. A good taqueria satisfies our appetites, but the sustenance found there is from more than just a meal. There’s something deeply comforting about the distinct familiarity of your local taqueria. That’s because behind every taqueria, there’s a story. In our first episode of Taco Talks, we heard one of these stories.

With our host, singer Jenn D’Spain, we traveled to Nana’s Taqueria in the border town of Weslaco, down in the Rio Grande Valley. There we met with Roxanna and Alfredo Treviño to learn the tale behind their taqueria.

Roxanna and Alfredo serve an expansive variety of Mexican dishes, but they’ve become most known for their lonches. This popular street food, originating in Nuevo Progresso, right across the border from Weslaco, has become a hit with Nana’s customers and folks all across the Valley.

Nana’s is a bustling taqueria with a beautiful courtyard filled with live mariachi music, colorful murals, and families and friends enjoying tacos and lonches.

It’s been a long journey for the Treviños in building up Nana’s to the staple of the Weslaco community it is today. They shared with us a touching story of family, perseverance, and passion.

Texas is full of taquerias all with their own unique delicious dishes and compelling stories. We’ll travel all across the state, enjoying different regional specialties. Join us as and Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages as we continue our Taco Talks across Texas, enjoying the stories y sabores of Texas.