Words by Lauren Stumberg

Every year, thousands of animal species become extinct or endangered. These majestic creatures that once abundantly roamed the Earth are permanently disappearing due to threats such as habitat destruction, overexploitation, poaching and pollution. Wildlife conservation efforts to protect and restore these species are often led by nonprofit organizations funded by donors with a passion for the cause. However, one Texas-based company WildLife Partners, has developed an innovative approach to wildlife conservation.

“Our model marries the desire to do good for the world with economic incentives. We have proven that wildlife conservation does not always have to be centered around an altruistic approach, funded by donations. Instead, by offering our investors a financial incentive, outsiders that would not necessarily participate join the fight to save species from extinction,” said Brian Gilroy, Co-Founder/CEO of WildLife Partners.

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

Started in 2016, WildLife Partners was founded by Brian and Chris Gilroy. The brothers grew up in the San Antonio area and share a love for all things outdoors. “During my first career I spent almost twenty years in the oil and gas industry, with my primary focus being on financial services related to exploration business. In 2011, I began investing in exotic wildlife as both a hobby and a tax write-off. I fell in love with raising wildlife and was very successful at it. As a result, I was approached by investment partners with an interest in participating. The business was formed, and we hit the ground running,” said Brian.

Today the company operates four breeding facilities in Mountain Home, Pettus, Pearsall and Carrizo Springs, Texas. These properties are home to over 3,000 breeding animals across more than 60 species of exotic wildlife that include everything from giraffes, zebra, multiple species of antelope and deer, wildebeest, and kangaroos. Additionally, WildLife Partners boasts the largest herd of Cape Buffalo in the United States.

Courtesy of WildLife Partners

The company grew quickly as ranchers and investors both realized the many benefits of what this business model has to offer. According to Gilroy, “We currently serve more than 500 private landowners in Texas and more than 100 conservation minded investors throughout the United States. They see the benefits of gratification from doing great things for our planet, active participation in wildlife breeding and ranching, cash flow distributions, and 100% tax deductions.”

Through their approach, landowners in Texas and beyond have learned how to convert their private ranches into cash flow producing wildlife sanctuaries. Additionally, non-landowners also have the ability to own wildlife, participate as a breeder, get hands on experience, generate revenue, and convert tax dollars into usable assets. Investors range from popular celebrities such as Chris Harrison from The Bachelor, numerous local landowners, and everyone in between.

The Gilroy brothers have taken it one step further making it easy and efficient to invest in exotics by offering a daily online auction that allows landowners to bid on a multitude of wildlife everyday through, ExoticAuction.com, from the comfort of their own homes. Each day, new lots are uploaded, and investors have the opportunity to grow their herds with hard to find rare and high-quality exotics. WildLife Partners offers full transparency along with a 7-day warranty on all their animals, ensuring customers receive complete satisfaction. If there is a particular species you don’t see on the daily auction, WildLife Partners has thousands of animals available at one of the four ranches.

With over 500 Texas ranch customers, each year WildLife Partners hosts an in-person live auction in Boerne, Texas that has over 100 lots of Super Exotics ready to go. “Many exotic dealers and ranch owners still love the excitement of participating in a live auction to expand their herds quickly with rare exotics, thus we offer a spring and fall auction to do this,” said Gilroy. The next Super Exotic WildLife Auction will be at the Bevy Hotel in Boerne, Texas on October 14, 2023 and registration is now open at WLPauction.com.

“For landowners, WildLife Partners makes it easier to own and manage exotic wildlife with less risk,” explains Gilroy. “You can enjoy all the investment perks while playing an active role in conservation.”

For more information and to register for educational events go to WildLifePartners.com, or check out new lots being added daily and bid with confidence at ExoticAuction.com. To register for the in-person Super Exotic WildLife Exotic Auction, 10/14/23 in Boerne, Texas go to WLPAuction.com

You can also call 1-866-377-3000 to inquire about additional exotics and investment opportunities.