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Style & Design

Kori Green Rocks On With Her Jewelry Line

Kori Green
This article originally appeared in the July 2018 issue with the headline “Rock On.”

Fifteen years ago, while traveling on the tour bus with her husband, country singer Pat Green, Kori Green would make jewelry, a craft she honed after finishing law school at the University of Texas. Now the owner of Kori Green Designs, she specializes in mixed-material statement pieces, and she recently launched a line of clear handbags that are security-friendly for concerts and sporting events. Green works out of Local Design Studios + Gallery, a collaborative space she shares with other female business owners in Fort Worth, where the Green family lives. In May, just across the street from Local, Pat opened Galleywinter Gallery to showcase his own art. “We feed off of each other’s creative energy,” Kori says.

Tags: Fashion, Style, kori green, Pat Green