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Safari Tent Life

The guest room tent is one of four structures on the 84-acre property in Azle. The Munsons host guests almost weekly, from family and friends to families in need who can’t afford a vacation.

Photograph by Aiden Franklin

When Dave and Suzette Munson, the founders of Saddleback Leather Company, sold the sprawling eight-bedroom home they shared with their two young children in Keller, they were interested in building a new house but quickly realized it would take a year. As they started looking for a rental to move into in the meantime, Dave couldn’t get an image out of his head: the waxed-canvas safari tents the family stayed in during recent trips to Africa. Dave called Rob Flowers, of East African Canvas Company, a Nairobi, Kenya–based outfit that has created tents to house everyone from British military troops to high-end safari campers. A series of tents were forthcoming and the Munsons moved in. That was almost two years ago.

“Once we moved in, we were hooked, and we have no intention of moving out,” Dave says. “The wind, rain, and cold weather can be a bit of a challenge, but at the end of the day, it’s been the best experience. We wanted to instill in our children a sense of adventure while giving them room to roam—all with Starbucks fifteen minutes away.”


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  • Ronnie A. Jimenez

    This looks kinda nice as a gimmick, but that is what it is. There is nothing about the tents that are about enjoying the stars. Their “Simplistic” living is really just inefficient living. From the looks of it it they are still using air conditioners and otherwise normal full size electrical appliances, only in a tent. They have no insulation, which means that you are going to have to run those appliances harder which means more waste.

    “The wind, rain, and cold weather can be a bit of a challenge”, I am sure it is, thats what happens when you live under canvas.

    I love checking out what people are able to do living simplistically such as, Homesteading, the tiny house trend, etc…, but thats not what this is. Minimalist living often tends to be efficient living and this life style just seems wasteful.

    I a glad that they are enjoying themselves but they aren’t doing anything noble or anything to admire.

    Now with that said, I love my SaddleBack leather iPad case.

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