Feature |
January 20, 2013

Litter Did We Know

A tidy look back at 25 years of “Don’t Mess With Texas”— the most successful anti-littering campaign in world history.

Business |
March 1, 2008

Bryan Christian, Advertising Executive

Christian, who grew up in Waco and majored in English at Baylor University, is the senior vice president and general manager of Kolar Advertising and Marketing, in Austin, whose clients include Dell, 3M, and Subway.All during college, I thought I would graduate and go to seminary or something like that.

Business |
March 1, 1998

The Pitch

To be a truly major player in the ad game, GSD&M needed a car account. When Mazda’s came up for review, the brash Austinites sprang into action.

Food & Drink |
January 1, 1996

Lay’s of Our Lives

BESIDES THE TASTE OF ITS CHIPS, Frito-Lay’s advertising has had a lasting impact on Americans. Grown-ups can still sing all the words to “Ai-yi-yi-yi, I’m the Frito Bandito” and “Munch a Bunch of Fritos.” Only time will tell if the supermodels’ plug for Baked Lay’s will join the ranks of

Bum Steers |
January 1, 1996

Give and Take

TEXAS ROAD SIDE BEEF JERKY (“You Kill It—We Grill It”), available from Richter Enterprises in Hondo for $4.99. THE LION KING AND OTHER PAPIER-MACHE ART made from toilet paper by inmates of the El Paso County jail, priced individually. AGGIE CASKETS, in maroon fiberglass, available at Southwood Funeral Home in