Austin Police Department

What Is There to Say About This Austin Police Video?

Jun 9, 2015 By Dan Solomon

A mounted police officer grabs the camera of a man filming a tense incident on Sixth Street, and a fellow officer steps in to shoot a stream of pepper spray into the man’s face. But how many videos of police behaving badly can we handle? 

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo Had a Bad Weekend

Feb 24, 2014 By Dan Solomon

On Thursday, four officers arrived at the scene near the University of Texas campus to arrest a young woman for jaywalking. A video of the arrest went viral, prompting APD Chief Art Acevedo to defend his officers in a curious manner. 

Under the Gun

Jan 1, 2001 By Michael Hall

Nine years after the brutal murder of four teenage girls in a yogurt shop rocked the city of Austin, the police say they have finally caught the killers. But they have no evidence and no witnesses—only two confessions that the defendants say were coerced. Which is why, when the case goes to trial in February, the cops will be on trial too.