The Faces of Obamacare

Feb 14, 2017 By Michael Hall

For many Americans, the controversial health law is government run amok. But for these people in San Antonio, it’s been a lifesaver.

The Man in the Arena

Jan 10, 2014 By Erica Grieder

In the brief time Ted Cruz has been a senator, he has managed to convince half the country that he is a true patriot and the other half that he is a dangerous nutcase. What will he do next?

In Defense of Ted Cruz

Aug 27, 2013 By Erica Grieder

The senator's campaign to defund Obamacare is frustrating people on both sides of the aisle. That doesn't mean it's wrong.

R.G.’s Take: Medicaid, “Dewbamacare,” and Why We All Should Care

Apr 8, 2011 By R.G. Ratcliffe

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst’s sincere effort to overhaul state Medicaid to save taxpayers money and improve health care for the poor has become the best jibe of the session, mirthfully described in Capitol hallway whispers as “Dewbamacare.” That may be nothing more than a joking reference to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derided by conservatives as Obamacare. But political reality suggests something else:  The moniker is designed to kill Dewhurst’s package. The fact that a single word can define a piece of Medicaid legislation shows what a quagmire health care is for lawmakers. Politicians who enter the swamp can see their careers die there; those who are fortunate enough to emerge victorious only do so with a fresh set of scars. But, in Texas, both conservatives and liberals can claim to be right on health care for the poor. It is a shame that a quarter of the state’s population is without health insurance and often relies on the emergency room as the primary care physician. But it is also an inescapable fact that Medicaid is breaking the bank, growing at a faster pace than state tax revenues.

Perry on the State of the State

Feb 8, 2011 By Paul Burka

When a governor has given five State of the State addresses, chances are that the sixth is going to sound pretty familiar.  And so it did. What has changed over the eon that Perry has served as governor is not what he says, but how he says it. He has become a polished,…