Faces of Austin
Austin’s Finest: Faces of Austin

Jan 29, 2019 By TM Promotions

In a three-part series, the Texas Monthly Studio will present the leaders in their respective fields from Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Meet the faces of Austin—industry pioneers from cosmetic surgery to pediatric care, first featured in our February 2019 issue. The Face of Personalized Cosmetic Surgery Jennifer…

On the Horizon

Jan 10, 2019 By caitlynperry

A look back at the 2018 ProRodeo season serves as a crystal ball, of sorts, for the new year. The world champions were crowned less than a month ago, with three Texans earning those prestigious Montana Silversmiths gold buckles—all-around titlist Trevor Brazile earned his 24th world title; tie-down roper Caleb…

Texas Triumphant

Dec 20, 2018 By caitlynperry

Championship Saturday at the National Finals Rodeo featured a wide range of emotions, from the giddiness of 24-year-old Hailey Kinsel to the teary goodbyes of Trevor Brazile to the remembrances of loved ones lost in 2018 for Caleb Smidt. All three Texans earned those coveted Montana Silversmiths gold buckles while…

Practice Makes Perfect

Dec 13, 2018 By caitlynperry

A regulation basketball court is 94 feet long, 50 feet wide. Now, imagine those dimensions with rounded corners, a floor filled with dirt and 17,000-plus screaming fans. That’s the National Finals Rodeo, the sport’s grand championship that hosts the very best in the game from each season. Other than dirt,…

Spencer Wright
Wrangler Network

Nov 29, 2018 By caitlynperry

In December 2013, upon discovering that there was a void for live rodeo coverage in the western marketplace, Wrangler Jeans launched the Wrangler Network. The first and only free rodeo and western lifestyle digital platform that offers 24-7 content to all. As the go-to resource for…

Winning the Great White North

Nov 27, 2018 By caitlynperry

Before he met his fiancé, Richmond Champion only ventured north of the border for a few large Canadian rodeos each year. Then Paige Lawrence entered her life. From the tiny burg of Kennedy, Saskatchewan, Lawrence was living in Calgary, Alberta, when the two began dating. That’s when Champion, a four-time…

Love and Rodeo

Nov 16, 2018 By caitlynperry

Working or competing at every large rodeo in the United States is a magnificent feat, and it’s one that John Gwatney is proud to have on his resume. He has been decorated for his knowledge in the sport. A man who has competed in every event inside the arena, he…