906 Parkview
Dallas, Texas

Dec. 1 – 1963

Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy

First Lady in our hearts.

I live in Dallas, a city bowed in sorrow, and shame. I am 76 years old and live on a social security check

I must pour out my heart to you if my feeble hands will hold out to scribble a few lines.

I was at Lovefield, when you and John steped from the plane. I was the first man to shake his hand, (from behind the fence barricade). That was my life’s fullest moment.

And you! The camera’s were on you, most of that dark day. Heaven must have fortafied you for those hours. No Pen or brush nor gifted tongue could have accurately portrayed your stature in lonliness. Humility, bravery, fortitude, beauty, strength, faithfulness, loyalty, loveliness, and grandure, Rolled into one Sweet Mrs. Amerec of the Ages.

Very Sincerely,
J.E.Y. Russell

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