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Meanwhile, in Texas…

Some crazy stuff went down in the past thirty days. Here are a handful of headlines you may have missed.

By July 2014Comments

Illustration by Ross MacDonald

  • Cedar Park police searched for a cross-dressing “miniskirt arsonist” who was wanted in connection with fires at two local banks.
  • The Illinois State Military Museum refused to give a La Porte historical society the wooden leg of Santa Anna, which was lost at the Battle of Cerro Gordo.
  • Round Rock prosecutors pursued a first-degree felony charge against a nineteen-year-old accused of baking and selling marijuana brownies.
  • A burglar fell to the floor of a crowded Fort Worth bar after the drop ceiling he had been hiding in, following a police helicopter chase, gave way beneath him.
  • For the second year in a row, an Austin service-dog group came up short in its attempt to break its own 2012 Guinness record of 201 pounds for the world’s heaviest ball of dog fur.
  • After a mother duck was killed on Houston’s Beltway 8, motorists pulled over to gather the eleven orphan ducklings wandering the road.
  • A Texas A&M regent recommended that Kyle Field be renamed “Kyle Field: The House That Johnny Built.”
  • A Longview car dealership donated $250 to a local adult-literacy group after it was pointed out that for the previous six months its billboard had offered customers “piece of mind.”

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