Shortly before two in the afternoon on Monday, a stabbing incident on the University of Texas at Austin campus ended with one dead, three people injured, and a suspect in custody. Here’s everything that we know:

The suspect was arrested shortly after the incident happened. 

A UT student captured the arrest, which occurred in the lobby of the Jester residence hall, on Snapchat. Two officers brought the suspect to the ground.

The university canceled classes and events for the rest of the day. Provost Maurie McInnis posted a statement on Twitter indicating that there was no ongoing threat to students following the arrest.

Four people were attacked. Three of them suffered what the university described as “serious injuries,” and the fourth died shortly after the attack.

The details here are scarce, but a freshman student who witnessed the attack while waiting for lunch told the Austin American-Statesman that she saw the suspect brandishing a knife that she described as looking “like a small machete.” She told the paper that “he grabbed this guy by the shoulder and stabbed him in the back.” Immediately after that attack, she said, he stabbed another person. According to UTPD, there were a total of four victims, including the one who was killed.

The suspect who was arrested was named Kendrex White.

At a press conference this afternoon, UTPD identified the suspect as Kendrex J. White, 21. We don’t know much else about White, and a Facebook page belonging to someone with that name and approximately the same age, from Killeen, is largely devoid of public information. We’re likely to learn more about White and the time leading up to the attack in the days, weeks, and months to come.