The last time Whiskey Myers released an album, the Tyler quintet made a splash on Billboard, debuting at number 26 on the country chart. This time out, the band’s preparing its latest release, Early Morning Shakes, and they’ve got their eye set on bigger things: The album, which is due out in early February, was produced by Dave Cobb—whose previous credits include records by both Waylon and Shooter Jennings—and it’s a bluesy collection of the drinking man’s music, full of thumping drums and swaggering guitars, like what you might hear from the Allman Brothers Band if they’d grown up with a serious Led Zeppelin fetish.

Those classic rock influences are especially apparent on the album’s new song, which bears the same name as the record itself. “Early Morning Shakes” may not be destined to make a big impression on a country music audience that’s currently obsessed with pickups, blue jeans, and moonlight, but there are some thrills within for fans of dirty rock and roll. Singer/guitarist Cody Cannon describes the song as “the coolest song we have ever done,” and explains that it’s “about life on the road, or at least the life that we live on the road.”

If the group left Tyler for a lifestyle consisting of regret, booze, and the DT’s, they’re probably exhausted just looking at their forthcoming tour schedule, which kicks off a stretch of nine Texas dates tonight in Austin. But give it a listen below and see if that sounds like a fair trade-off to you.