Gary Cartwright

Gary Cartwright received his B.A. in journalism from Texas Christian University. He has had a distinguished career as a newspaper reporter and as a freelance writer, contributing stories to such national publications as Harper’s, Life, and Esquire. He was a senior editor at Texas Monthly for 25 years until his retirement in 2010 at age 76. Cartwright was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in 1986 in the category of reporting excellence. He has been the recipient of a Dobie-Paisano fellowship and has won the Texas Institute of Letters Stanley Walker Award for Journalism and the Carr P. Collins Award for nonfiction. He won the 1989 Press Club of Dallas Katie Award for Best Magazine News Story. He also won the 2005 Headliner Club of Austin award for best magazine story. Cartwright has written several books, including Blood Will Tell, Confessions of a Washed-up Sportswriter, Dirty Dealing, and Galveston: A History of the Island, published in 1991. He has co-written three movie scripts, J. W. Coop (Columbia, 1972); A Pair of Aces (CBS-TV, 1990), which he also co-produced; and Pancho, Billy and Esmerelda, which he co-produced for his own production company in 1994. In addition, he co-produced Another Pair of Aces for CBS. Blood Will Tell was filmed by CBS-TV as a four-hour miniseries in 1994. In 1998 his book, HeartWiseGuy, was published.


One Last Shot

Decades after his family controlled Galveston’s liquor and gambling, 89-year-old Vic Maceo is clinging to his gangster past—and to his pistol.

The Enemy Within

A blundered raid and a botched finale don’t change an essential fact about the Mount Carmel standoff: David Koresh is to blame.

Chasing the Red Eagle

At play in the fields of Mexico, onetime major leaguers find beisbol is an entirely different game.

Gila Hell

For five days, an octogenarian Wildman led a group of us through the New Mexico wilderness. Somehow we survived.

The Old Man And the Tee

How 89-year-old Harvey Penick turned life’s lessons into a best-selling book—and followed it up with another master stroke.

Iron Man

The quietest member of the governor’s fitness panel throws his weight around—at last.

The Innocent and The Damned

The case against Fran’s Day Care in Austin raised the specter of Satanic conspiracy—just like hundreds of similar controversial child abuse cases across the country.

Vain Glory

Jerry Jones may have the biggest ego in football, but don’t bet against him. Even without Jimmy Johnson, he still has the best team.

Rip on a Tear

With his starring role on The Larry Sanders Show, Rip Torn is no longer Rip scorned.

Bo Pilgrim

Bo knows chicken.

The Sins Of the Father

Is Charles Voyd Harrelson a natural-born killer? His move star son, Woody, isn’t sure—but I am.

Disarmed and Dangerous

With the end of the cold war, the Pantex nuclear facility is dismantling its bombs. Will nearby Amarillo’s environment and economy get blown to pieces?

Fear and Loading

At the state capitol, where talk of concealed weapons consumes us still, emotion is winning the day.

Biting the Bullet

If you plan to pack heat, you’ll have to go to school first. Here’s what you’re in for.