THE GREAT INDOORS Kids’ late-summer doldrums usually leave them particularly restless. They become prone to manic behavior—fads flourish, fixations blossom, expectations intensify. But as any well-informed individual between the ages of five and ten knows, nothing is more anticipated this month than the premiere of Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams at the Paramount Theatre in Austin on August 4. The screening will be followed by a question-and-answer period with director Robert Rodriguez and then a street carnival. And for weeks following, impromptu performances of favorite Spy Kids 2 scenes will be staged in back yards and grocery store aisles across the city. But adults like to memorize movie lines too. If you watch the audience at the Paramount Theatre‘s summer film series, which ends September 1, you will see more than a few fans mouthing the words to classics like All About Eve, Sunset Boulevard, and The French Connection. And look for studious eyes at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, where filmgoers will be catching the tail end of its summer series, which includes “Film Fatales” and a “Celebration of Jazz Month.” (See Austin: Theater, and Other Events; and Houston:Museums/Galleries.)