Washington, D.C., has Abraham Lincoln, Salt Lake City has Brigham Young, Philadelphia has Rocky Balboa. And now Austin has Willie. The massive bronze sculpture, which was commissioned by a local group called Capital Area Statues, rests downtown at the corner of Willie Nelson Boulevard (formerly Second Street) and Lavaca outside the new studios of Austin City Limits. Sculptor Clete Shields portrayed Willie in a reflective pose, sitting and smiling beatifically as his pigtails hang down gently over his chest. His famous guitar, Trigger, complete with its distinctive hole, rests on his leg. By every measure, the statue is an admiring tribute for the musician who, more than anyone else, has helped make Austin weird. “I wanted to convey the poetry, tranquility, and kindness of the man and his music,” Shields says. “I hope it will be a place where fans can celebrate the infinite love Austin has for Willie.”