When we last saw Sheyla Hershey and her apparently record-setting 38-KKK artificial breasts, the 32-year-old Houstonian said she just might owe her life to those pneumatic mammaries, as they protected her from injury during a car accident on Super Bowl Sunday.

But last week’s episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction (how far the Learning Channel has fallen) shows that Hershey’s enormous breast implants–which she has had 22 surgeries to obtain at an estimate cost of nearly $250,000–have had an incredibly unhealthy impact on her life.

In this first excerpt below, Hershey, who is originally from Brazil, calls her breasts “the most good thing in my life” and brags about the stares she gets, but also admits she can’t run, tie her own shoes, or hug her young daughter properly:

In the second clip, she tells the story of how she had to have her implants removed due to an infection in 2009, but she decided to get new ones after she recovered. (Warning: includes graphic footage of her stretched-out chest after the implants were removed.)

“The only reason, y’know, that I am who I am is because of my breasts,” she says.


Still, truth be told, Hershey comes off pretty well compared to some of the other people featured on My Strange Addiction, which has included segments that have titles like “eating dryer sheets,” “eating her deceased hubsand,” and “Dad, I’m dating my car.”