WHO: The women of fictional girl group Girls5eva—Dawn (Sara Bareilles), Gloria (Paula Pell), Summer (Busy Philipps), and Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry), who definitely would not like being listed last—as well as songwriters Jeff Richmond and Meredith Scardino.

WHAT:Tap Into Your (Fort) Worth,” a song from the season-three premiere of the Netflix sitcom Girls5eva.

WHY IT’S SO GREAT: Girls5eva, a satire on the music business centering on four middle-aged women attempting to revive their one-hit wonder girl group after twenty years, is great on its own, stuffed with high-speed Tina Fey–style humor (she’s an executive producer, though show creator Scardino likely deserves much of the credit). But in its best move yet, the show’s third season opens with an episode titled “Fort Worth,” set in the city and heavily featuring this delightfully goofy song. The backstory has the foursome writing it as a strategic move: Fort Worth is supposedly the largest city to not have a hit song about it (fact-checking such an intentionally silly show would be missing the point, but to the writers: does the country chart ever cross your mind?). The women also get to have a countryish moment (like other recent notables in pop music) and deck themselves out in boots, fringe, and rhinestones. Fans in Cowtown are lapping it up, though it appears no one else is—the city is so far the only stop listed on the band’s concert-tour T-shirt.

“Tap Into Your (Fort) Worth” is a feel-good anthem, with lyrics such as “Where the West begins / Is where your best begins.” The humor kicks in when you realize early on that it all seems based on PR blurbs (or, ahem, magazine travel blurbs), as if the ladies just googled “Fort Worth”: “ ’Cause Cowtown is a wow town / With a walkable downtown” is delivered in a bouncy, catchy pop cadence. The lyrics tout the Fort Worth Zoo by citing a newspaper listicle (“Gonna hit what USA Today calls / The second-best zoo”). There’s a rhyming list of Fort Worth celebrities: “The home of Hagman and Meester / Capshaw and Schieffer.” (In the episode, you can spot a Bob Schieffer superfan in the crowd, wearing a Face the Nation T-shirt.) Perhaps the best laugh line is “No wonder Jesus went to TCU / It was early decision.” (Sorry, Baylor!) Fort Worth is so wonderful it even outshines our state’s capital: “It’s got no hipsters, like Austin / Or Wahlbergs, like Boston / Or tech bros, like Austin / Or Afflecks, like Boston.”

The choruses end with the “girls” raising their fists into the air and chanting “Worth! Worth! Worth!” 

Sure, we in Cowtown are being made fun of, just a bit, but there’s nothing too upsetting in the song (or in the episode, save one cringey reference to Texas Motor Speedway). The name-checked attractions are real, including the museums, mentioned in a drive-by on the way to a nod to hometown hero Kelly Clarkson, and the zoo, which is one of the best in the nation. (The vain and diva-ish Wickie, sure she’s the Beyoncé in this Destiny’s Child outfit, is prone to absurdly big and awkwardly timed vocal runs, a running gag in the show, and this is put to good use in the song’s deliberately clunky tangent on the Omaha Zoo.)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, whose name Wickie enunciates deliberately and grandly, gets a shout-out for being “worth it”—“That’s why their site has a paywall.” 

We love this and other little signs that someone involved actually does know Fort Worth beyond the PR blurbs—or has at least studied well. Few could celebrate the city’s tamed and contained stretch of the Trinity River in song and really mean it, as Girls5eva acknowledge in the perfect delivery of “[It’s] getting bet-ter / Parts are even swimmable / It’s no longer called the mythological river of death.”

The episode, unfortunately, was not filmed in Cowtown. But the venue the group plays, East Exchange Roadhouse, is a fictional yet entirely plausible joint (Exchange Avenue being the heart of the Stockyards) where the stage has a Lone Star flag backdrop—all the scene setting you need. 

In the episode’s imaginary Fort Worth, we don’t have to share TV stations with Dallas—the “girls” appear on the morning show First Things Fort, with host Jackie Werth (ha), who naturally is enjoying a bowl of wine at 6 a.m. They’re invited to lead our touristy yet beloved Stockyards cattle drive, which is repeatedly referred to as a “steer walk” (the more accurate terminology, if we’re being honest). To cap off the celebration, the mayor invites them to do the ribbon cutting for a new on-ramp of Interstate 35. Yes, Girls5eva, you get us.