Demi Lovato, “Anyone”? I mostly missed Demi Lovato’s first act, but I’m extremely here for what she’s doing now. If her new song “Anyone” is an indication of where she’s headed creatively, she’s one of the most exciting working artists around. With only a spare piano accompaniment, “Anyone” is all about Lovato’s voice, which you can measure in megatons here, as she sings a stunningly honest, raw ballad. There are no swelling strings, no lyrics about redemption, and no false hopes here—rather, Lovato demonstrates a courage that makes “Anyone” both hard and rewarding to listen to.

Many artists in her position would offer some sort of message about resilience to help overcome the darkness, at least the hint of a rising dawn coming after the dark night that the song depicts, but “Anyone” doesn’t do that. The result is something we just don’t get much of in pop music—a song that’s hopeful and inspiring not because of a key-change manipulation or a shoehorned message about triumphing over the bad times, but simply because she was able to sing it at all. There aren’t many artists doing what Lovato does here, and we’re lucky she’s sharing it with us.

Dan Solomon, associate editor

An Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt From STV.OV

I have a cat named Annie Clark and describe my personal style as “disguise pajamas.” So when St. Vincent announced her collection with the Texas-based athleisure brand Outdoor Voices, it wasn’t so much a question as to whether I would buy something from it, but when. I recently ordered the oversized hoodie sweatshirt in army green; it arrived last night; I am wearing it as I type this; I could not be happier. Is it the softest hoodie I own? Not really. Is it flattering? I think so! Is it comfortable during a workout? I don’t know because so far I have only worn it while sitting or lying down. Was it worth the $95 dollars I spent on it? Who’s to say?! Am I thinking about buying the matching sweatpants? Abso-friggin-lutely!

Emily McCullar, associate editor

My Beautiful Texas

My Beautiful Texas, a Facebook fan page, showcases stunning regions all over Texas through user-snapped photos. The page encourages its near-40,000 members to post their photos of Texas-based nature. While many of the page’s images look like they could have been created as wallpaper for your desktop, the fact that users share their own photos makes the experience feel more intimate. The timeline includes pictures from around the state and bursts with photos of farm animals, rainbows, birds, and Texas sunsets. Anyone can request to join the page and take in the flood of photographs, or post some of their own.

Meara Isenberg, editorial intern

Comfort Candle Company

Based in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Comfort Candle Company makes varieties inspired by iconic Texas scents. Their current spring and summer line includes fragrances like Bluebonnet, Pedernales Peach, and, naturally, Texas BBQ. Among their year-long classics, Very Vanilla and Leather steal the show. Made with clean-burning, all-natural ingredients, their fresh scents easily best the sickeningly sappy smells of mass-produced candles. The company operates out of Fredericksburg, where you can stop by their warehouse.

—Arianna Flores, editorial intern