The oldest name in Texas barbecue will expand to Austin and Hutto when Southside Market opens a new store, its third, this year and another in 2020.

Brace for record high brisket prices:

Robert Austin left Uptown Bar-B-Q in Dallas to open Austin’s Bar-B-Que in Addison with his wife Valerie.

One90 Smoked Meats in Dallas will have a new address in 2020 when it opens a much larger location.

The Dallas Observer likes the smoked brisket breakfast taco from Meat U Anywhere BBQ, but they like “el gran taco” even more.

Texas barbecue is big in Germany:

LeAnn Mueller and Ali Clem, the wife-and-wife team behind Austin’s la Barbecue, were profiled in Austin Monthly.

Austin Monthly said the best local breakfast taco is at Valentina’s, LeRoy & Lewis has the best barbacoa, and the best gumbo is at the Switch.

After several months on hiatus, Whitfield’s in Austin announced it is once again serving barbecue.

Eater visited Mill Scale Metalworks in Lockhart:

Pappas Delta Blues Smokehouse has done well in Webster, outside Houston, and they’re hoping to strike it big with a new location in Plano.

Waco’s Helberg Barbecue has seen its popularity make a leap since opening a brick-and-mortar in March.

The Dallas Observer admits, “Fort Worth is absolutely killing it in new barbecue right now.”

How to tailgate without a tailgate:

Steven Raichlen has heard the claims that good beer-can-chicken is a myth, so he’s out to myth-bust the myth-busters.

Cowboys & Indians magazine compiled a list of the foods that make up the Texas table, and you can bet barbecue made the list.

The barbecue boom is in full effect, reports the Texas Comptroller’s office, which notes the number of barbecue joints in Texas has jumped 12 percent in the past four years.

Care for some zakos with pork griot and pikiz?

Tyler Harp of Harp’s BBQ in Kansas City revealed how lessons he picked up while working at the Kansas City Royals stadium helped improve his barbecue game.

When a player from the St. Louis Cardinals goes on a rehab assignment at the team’s Springfield, Missouri, AA team, they can’t get enough barbecue from City Butcher.

Hard Knox BBQ just opened in Springfield, Missouri, with a pitmaster who came over from City Butcher.

In Southern Illinois, barbecue is a way of life for the folks at 17th Street Barbecue.

Could you last 72 hours straight on a Ferris wheel?

“Going entirely vegetarian for the rest of your life means you reduce your emissions by about 2 percent.”

“Considering the chemistry involved in making them, are flesh substitutes even healthy?” – Danielle Laprise on fake meat

A California pitmaster is headed to Lockhart for a barbecue pop-up at the 1898 restaurant that opens soon.

There’s a whole-steer roast coming to Seattle, and it’s hosted by Jack’s BBQ on August 10.

For some high flying barbecue: