As you’ll recall, last month we had a blow-up where Transportation Committee Chair Joe Pickett ejected Representative Jonathan Stickland from his committee because people signed up to testify on Stickland’s bill banning red-light cameras who were not even in Austin. Stickland announced today that the Texas Rangers have cleared him of any involvement in the incident.

“Late Friday I spoke with one of the rangers assigned to the case,” said Trey Trainor, outside legal counsel for Stickland and his staff. “I was told that the investigation was over and that I would not be hearing from DPS anymore.”

DPS officers met with Stickland and his staff and interviewed them related to a criminal investigation of violations of the penal code. Those meetings concluded on Thursday and DPS promptly closed the case the next day.

“The officer said they had taken the evidence gathered by DPS to the DA’s Office and the district attorney was not interested in taking the case,” added Trainor. “We have said since the beginning that there were no violations of the law or violations of House rules, and I am glad that law enforcement agreed.”