It never really got off the ground. Tom had just been out of the game for too long. The conservative Democrats who had been his political allies during the seventies, when he served in the Legislature, had ceased to exist as a political force. I had the opportunity to meet with Tom on a couple of occasions. He is a good man and he is sincere about wanting to do public service, but he wasn’t going to put his own money into the race, and he couldn’t raise any money from Democratic sources. The trials saw him as a business guy, not to mention a Bushie, and they never trusted him. If you compare Schieffer to White, Schieffer has Bush connections, White doesn’t; the trials don’t like Schieffer, White has been a trial lawyer; White is on the cutting edge of the environmental issue, Schieffer isn’t. Tom comes from a time when the business community was aligned with the conservative Democrats, but Perry is the real deal, pro-business all the way, tort reform, friendly regulation, whatever they want. Schieffer never had a chance.