This is an issue that could get a lot of national attention, if the Department of Motor Vehicles approves a new license plate bearing an image of the Confederate battle flag–the Stars and Bars–on Perry’s watch. The DMV is currently deadlocked 4-4 on the matter of the plates and the decision rests with a recent Perry appointee to the DMV. Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson is a strong supporter of the plates. I have always thought Patterson was a first-rate public servant, but I can’t agree with glorifying a symbol of insurrection and segregation. I would think Perry would see the political danger in authorizing the plates for Texas and move to shut it down, but I also know that Perry is aware that his constituency would love to be able to display the plates. If the vote for battle-flag plates goes through, it will quickly become a national issue. Like all of Perry’s controversial decisions, though, it stands more of a chance of winning him support than losing it.