What Texan could forget this season’s disappointing premiere of Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” after Guy Fieri and Matthew McConaughey collectively butchered the very meaning and essence of King Ranch Casserole? Tonight, Fieri bravely ventures his way back to Texas, but this time it’s for a less quintessential Texan meal, so I guess we can give the enthusiastic, bleached-blonde foodie another shot. Right? Fieri stops by Noble Pig in Austin for a new episode entitled “Serious Sandwiches,” which focuses on some of the nation’s most deliciously crafted sandwiches. To catch chefs John Bates and Brandon Martinez of Noble Pig discussing their artisan sandwiches, tune in at 9 p.m. CT tonight on the Food Network. Let’s just hope Fieri leaves any mention of King Ranch Casserole out of this episode….