<a href=""><img alt="" border="0" src=""></a><br><span><span>DALLAS: Backyard BBQ</span> <span><br>2234 Irving Blvd</span> <span><br>Dallas, TX 5207</span> <span><br>214-350-9908</span> <span><br>Open M-Sat 11-3</span></span><br><br>Update. This joint is <span>CLOSED</span> and will become <a href="">The Slow Bone</a>.<br><br>2010: The former <a href="">BW's BBQ</a> has reopened under the name Backyard BBQ. I'm not sure if the current ownership is related to the former, but the quality of 'cue is about the same, and that's average at best. A three meat plate came with pulled pork, sliced brisket and ribs. The green beans were the best item on the plate. They still had some firmness to them, and had great flavor. The loaded cheesy potatoes could have been used for home remodeling.<br><br><a href=""><img alt="" border="0" src=""></a><br><br>The brisket slices had decent flavor and bit of smoke, but the slices were so tough I could barely pull it apart with my hands. Ribs were well cooked, tender and moist, but again had little flavor with no smoke. The pulled pork was the abomination of the plate. The meat was so overcooked that it could have been remolded into playful shapes. The mass of meat tasted so old and it was more like eating decayed flesh. I spit out the first big bite and went searching for a decent lunch.<br><br>Rating *<br><a href=""><img alt="Backyard BBQ on Urbanspoon" src=""></a>

Oh, my bad. I dissed Brussels sprouts. This is going to get me in big trouble with the other half of humanity, which adores the bitter little edible marbles. Anyhoo, even though I see a lot of announcements for cooking classes, this one caught my eye. Anything that’s being taught by a chef from Craft, the Dallas branch of Tom Colicchio’s New York restaurant, is undoubtedly going to be good.  If anyone can redeem Brussels sprouts, it would be Jeff Harris, Craft Dallas’s chef de cuisine, who will teach an autumn harvest-themed class at Central Market in Dallas on Monday, Nov. 9 at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $65, and participants pick up tips on the following dishes: Pan Roasted Duck Breast with Turnips & Apple. * Whole Roasted Red Snapper with Orange, Fennel & Nicoise Olive. * Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Applewood Smoked Bacon & Apple Cider Reduction. * Roasted Assortment of Wild Mushrooms. * Hubbard Squash Purée. * Braised Red Cabbage. Check it out.