If I were the goat at the Giggling Goat gastro-trailer, I don’t know if I’d be giggling or grieving. On the one hand, the gourmet offerings, such as Japanese sweet potato fries and a lamb loin Greek salad, are mouth-wateringly delicious. On the other, the cabrito (i.e., goat) burger is the specialty on the menu. And specialty it is. The thick, juicy patty, ground in-house, was grilled to perfection and bursting with salty, garlicky flavor between a buttered-and-grilled bistro bun. Topped with a bubbling layer of Jack cheese, chopped onion and tomato confit, and baby greens in a slightly sweet honey mustard vinaigrette, this billy burger was not for kids. Neither were the Japanese sweet potato fries. Unlike the orange-fleshed sweet potato that often shrivels and burns in French form, this yellow-fleshed variety was plump and dense, almost bready, like savory yucca. Doused with sea salt and served dangerously hot, the fries were a perfectly addicting side. I wish that I could say the same for the rabbit purse. Unfortunately, the deep-fried Asian appetizer was just that, very deep-fried—oil snaked onto the plastic container—and stuffed with more cabbage and ginger than local rabbit. If grease doesn’t get your goat, though, give this snack a try. I was more partial to the zucchini fries. Though the trailer’s service was none too great—the guy behind the counter overcharged my credit card at first and then forgot to deliver what we’d ordered—the food was worth waiting for, especially the tender zucchini spears enveloped in thick breading, served with a house-made poblano ranch dipping sauce. To accompany the burgers and fried assortments, the menu boasts several semi-healthy, fresh choices. My favorite was the lamb loin salad, with crisp baby greens, diced green apples, hearty feta, an outstanding olive tapenade, and an almost superfluous, very orange citrusy dressing. And let’s not forget the tender pepper-and-garlic-crusted lamb slices on top, which guided the salad from good to great. Creative cabrito, ribeye, and pork burgers. Chimichangas, zucchini fries, and ginger-spiked tofu cakes. Salads with lamb loin, goat cheese, or stuffed tomatoes. We know how the goat feels. What makes you giggle? South Shore Eatery, 1620 E. Riverside (512-750-5717). Open Tue–Sat 12–10. Closed Sun & Mon. Posted by Megan Giller