It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re eating at a place with a silly-fun name like “Yummy Bowl.” Of course, I’ve always been a big supporter of such onomatopoeic interjections and have been known to order sushi rolls solely because they came with “yum-yum” on top. I’m also an unabashed fan of Asian fusion, and Yummy Bowl, which offers an array of Malaysian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese dishes, was right up my alley. I liked the good old-fashioned Vietnamese summer rolls, with fresh shrimp, vermicelli noodles, and cucumber with a peanut dipping sauce. Nothing earth-shattering here, just a cool appetizer on a hot day.  The French grilled beef sandwich was also a nice surprise. Long touted as the only good thing to come of colonization, the bánh mì is a delicate art (and now, unfortunately, a favorite food of hipsters nationwide). Yummy Bowl’s satisfied my craving, with a good baguette, marinated sliced beef, pink pâte, sliced cucumber, carrots, and plenty of fresh cilantro, though I missed the kick of the marinated jalapeños that are served on many bánh mì (at least in Texas). As much as I wanted the signature Yummy Teppanyaki to live up to its name, it didn’t quite make the cut. A twist on the Japanese grilled cuisine, the enormous portion featured a smorgasbord of meats mixed with rice noodles and a few zucchini in a somewhat bland sauce. The beef bulgogi thrown into the mix was tender and flavorful, but the pork and chewy shrimp felt like overkill. The dish looked impressive, but as my lunch buddy wisely proclaimed, it tasted more like college food (as in, it’s food and it’s here, and there’s a lot of it). No visit to a trailer is complete without something fried, and the rice bowl with a bread-crumb-encrusted pork loin chop more than did the trick. In fact, the fall-apart pork, crunchy crust, and sticky-sweet sauce were the highlight of the trip. Alongside a giant heap of coconut-flavored jasmine rice, it wasn’t the most balanced meal. But was it yummy? Indeed. Longhorn Food Court, 610 W. MLK Blvd (512-436-4319). Open Mon–Sat 11–close (Call for hours). Closed Sun. Posted by Megan Giller. To read more from Megan Giller, visit her website at