Executive editor Patricia Sharpe spent a good deal of the past year criss-crossing the state in search of the best new restaurants. After many meals and many miles, she noted a few trends (the offal went mainstream, small-plates showed up big, and local sourcing was everywhere) and carefully crafted her list of the top ten. The talented chefs at these restaurants are breaking new ground, experimenting with textures and colors, and creating amazing food. So we asked them to share a recipe. We can’t guarantee that your end product will be exactly the same, but we are pretty sure that you’ll have fun trying.

Charred Ribeye Loin With Espresso Crust, Potato Purée, and Smoked Caramel Onions
Chef David Bull, Congress, Austin

Fried Brussels Sprouts
Chef Bryce Gilmore, Barley Swine, Austin

Marinated Shrimp, Jack Cheese Grits, Tequila-Lime Sauce
Chef Tre Wilcox, Marquee, Dallas

Hazelnut-Chocolate Cannoli
Chef Brandi Key, Coppa, Houston

Crispy Rice Paper Salmon
Chef Philippe Schmit, Philippe, Houston

Corn Salad
Chef Quealy Watson, the Monterey, San Antonio

Texas Okra and White Bean Dip
Chef Andrew Wiseheart, Contigo, Austin

Tagliatelle With Brussels Sprouts, Brown Butter, and Hazelnuts
Chef David Uygur, Lucia, Dallas

Dal With Tequila-Lime Sauce
Chef Anita Jaisinghani, Pondicheri, Houston

Edamame Hummus
Chef Jarry Ho, Shinjuku Station, Fort Worth