The last time Ron Paul was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, on December 16, this website headlined the story, “Iowa Frontrunner Ron Paul on the Tonight Show.”

Last night, Paul returned to Burbank with his campaign all but over, though the Lake Jackson Republican Congressman did finish ahead of Newt Gingrich in Tuesday’s Mitt Romney-dominated Illinois primary. 

“I had a choice, of campaigning [in Illinois] today or being on the Jay Leno show,” Paul joked. 

More seriously, Paul continued to talk up the possibility of a brokered Republican convention. “I think there’s a very good chance they might actually have two votes, or three votes,” he said, predicting he could get a lot more delegates if they became uncommitted after the first vote. (The segment was taped before Mitt Romney’s win in Illinois). 

Paul also addressed rumors of an alliance with Romney, saying, “it’s very secret, because he and I don’t know a whole lot about it.” Playing along further (and showing that he reads his press clippings), he joked that in a Romney administration, “I have to consider whether I want to be a Czar, or head of the Federal Reserve.”

And when Leno asked, “Should Newt Gingrich get out of the race?” Paul was quick to fire back, “I think the other three should just get out of the race.”

Watch the first segment:

In the second segment, Paul expressed his support for birth control, including the morning after pill saying, “you can’t prove there was a pregnancy chemically or legally.”

He also reiterated his opposition to abortion in somewhat overheated fashion. Ever the absolutist, Paul discussed the issue in terms of whether or not a woman who is eight months pregnant should have the right to an abortion (something that is already illegal in the United States). To illustrate this point, he says, “The mother has a right to choose what she does in her own home, but if she delivers at home and she doesn’t like the baby, it doesn’t give her a right to kill the baby.”

Watch the second segment: