Our May issue celebrates San Antonio’s cultural dexterity: one eye always trained on tradition, another wandering toward finding what’s next. Our lead guest, Nina Diaz, helped reshape the way we think of the city’s music scene. With her punk rock trio Girl in a Coma and as a solo artist she’s pushed musical boundaries and tested her own mettle; her latest record, The Beat Is Dead, chronicles her long journey to sobriety.

Meanwhile, ahead of its premiere on Cinco de Mayo at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts San Antonio, we explore Tía Chuck: A Portrait of Chuck Ramirez—a documentary from Angela and Mark Walley about an artist who helped reinvent San Antonio’s contemporary arts scene.  After an HIV-positive diagnosis in the early nineties provided Chuck Ramirez with an urgent motivation to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time artist, Ramirez became one of the city’s highest-profile and most-collected exports. His photographs of still objects—from Whataburger cups to piñatas—left hearts and minds anything but still. And while he died in a bicycle accident in 2010, his legacy is indelible: the Casa Chuck Residency provides artists, curators, and writers with a place to live and work in Ramirez’s joyfully decorated house.

Read more about San Antonio at 300 in our collection here. 


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