We ventured into this spot for a brunch bacchanalia that ended up wowing us as much if not more than the decor. Within seconds of our arrival a hot basket of bite-sized sweet cornbread and creamy butter had appeared tableside, accompanied by a drink list that was immediately commandeered by our in-tow mixologist. The nicely balanced Gin Social held layers of grapefruit, rosemary syrup, and lime, while the bewitching Carajillo was deep with espresso, rum, and the Spain’s unique Licor 43 (a golden, multi-herb-and-spice liqueur). Then came the Chef Brunch Sandwich, buttery brioche topped with perfectly scrambled eggs, fat bacon slices, and sharp cheddar, with tomato and avocado fanned out on top. We considered an old favorite, Cajun-style shrimp and grits, but went instead for the smart variation on traditional empanadas: crisp pillows engorged with queso panela in salsa and blanketed with a hearty bean sauce (liberally laced with Mexican crema, dusted with queso fresco, and garnished with verdant avocado slices). Brunches should always serve as a decadent passage to the new week, and this one lived up to that expectation.